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Kagame Tells Rwandans Not To Go To Uganda


Rwanda President, Paul Kagame has told diplomats in Kigali that he is not about to tell his citizens to return to Uganda because he has no control over their safety while here.

Addressing more than 60 diplomats at the home of the Presidency in Kigali on Wednesday evening, Kagame said there were still hundreds of Rwandans in Ugandan jails and that telling his people they were safe in Kampala would be a lie.

This perhaps gave the clearest hint on the progress of the efforts to resolve the dispute between Rwanda and Uganda, indicating the two countries are far from reaching a resolution.

Kagame told told Rwandans “just stop going there because if you go there, I have no control. They may arrest you, and your families will come to me and say you have been arrested. And there is nothing I can do about it.”

He revealed that he and Museveni will be going back to Luanda, Angola soon to review the progress in implementing what was agreed in the first meeting in August last year.

President Yoweri Museveni

He said Ugandans can freely go to Rwanda and that “they have been coming adding that the only border that is closed is Gatuna.

Kagitumba and Cyanika and other places are being used.

Next month will make it a year since Rwanda decided to close the Gatuna border with Uganda.

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