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Judiciary Issues New Guidelines as Courts Resume Operations


The acting chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo has issued a new set of guidelines for the courts as they resume hearing of criminal cases.

Court hearings and appearances had been suspended after the outbreak of coronavirus disease in the country four months ago.

The Judiciary spokesperson, Jameson Karemani, says that as the courts reopen, all court sessions and activities will ensure that there is no physical contact of any kind between the general public and inmates, and no crowding at either prison facilities or at court premises.

According to the new guidelines, hearing of cases that involve many prisoners will be conducted at the prison facilities and not in the courts.

Inmates in One Of The Prisons In Uganda

Karemani also emphasized that all court sessions shall be closed to the public with the exception witnesses, complainants, and other essential actors.

He added that under the new guidelines, prisoners will not be allowed to interface with anyone, including their relatives, with the exception of legal representatives.

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