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It’s Now an Offense Not To Slash the Compound or Paint House


Government has criminalised the failure to slash bushes around homes and paint houses regularly.

It also an offense to liter anywhere that is not designated as a liter place.

Isaac Musumba, the Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister, told reporters on Tuesday in Kampala that these changes are part of the Physical Planning (amendment) Act 2020, signed on January 10th by the president.

He said if one doesn’t paint their house regularly, they will receive a notice from local authorities instructing them to paint and will be arrested or fine if they fail to comply.

Musumba says those who allow grass to grow to the size of their houses will too be arrested.

Also, people will be compelled to install pavers in front of their house and it is none negotiable, according to, the minister.

The Minister says every household must have a litter bin. Other than jail, people can also be fined up to Shs 2m.

He said parish chiefs and chiefs in different localities will be put in charge to see through the observance of the new provisions.

He said the new provisions are meant to ensure that the country is kept tidy.

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