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Hydroxychloroquine To Replace Chloroquine In Treatment Of Covid-19 Patients


Patients being treated for Coronavirus Disease COVID -19 in Uganda are set to be shifted from having common anti-malarial drug chloroquine among their treatment plan to hydroxychloroquine.

This decision according to Prof. Pauline Byakika, a member of the COVID-19 National Case Management Committee is being reached after reviewing available research from clinical trials.

She said patients who are under treatment at Entebbe Hospital are being given chloroquine even as there’s no drug yet approved specifically for COVID-19 treatment by the National Drug Authority (NDA).

However, she notes that when they looked at the toxicity profile, they realized that hydroxychloroquine is better even as patients who have used chloroquine have so far been doing well because of the anti-viral properties the drug has.

Currently, a total of 20 people are undergoing treatment after 41 got discharged from the different treatment centers.

Uganda’s total number of cases currently stand at 63.

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