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Heavy Storm Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Gulu City

iron sheets brought down during a heavy storm in Gulu City.

Last evening’s heavy storm has left a trail of destruction in residential areas and the central business center in Gulu City.

The storm which started around 7:00pm and lasted about 30-40minutes destroyed houses, electricity poles, wire connections, brought down trees and flooding in the city center.

At Holy Rosary Catholic Parish, the youth office was partially damaged by a falling tree.

Also damaged are makeshift houses Gulu Police Barracks, Holy Rosary cell, Limu Suburb, Cuk pa Cenjere market and Kasubi parish among others

Permanent houses along coronation road Pece Pawel central, Pece Pudyek and African quarters and the Public Library in Green valley Cell among others were de-roofed.

The roof and fence of Wireless Gardens Inn in Pece Lukung cell were also blown off while a vehicle registration number UAS 072U –a Noah in Pece Pawel central cell was smashed by a huge tree that fell on it.

Solar street lights along Dr. Corti Lucille road, billboards along Gulu-Kampala highway, electricity lines and over five poles along Moroto road were damaged by the storm that caused flooding on the roads due to blocked drainage channels.

Gulu City Engineer, Omara Cristo Balmoi said a desilting team was set to work on the blocked drainage channels adding that the damage caused by the storm was to assessed.

Meanwhile, several families were left homeless in various parts of the city after the heavy storm damaged their houses.

In Pece Pawel Central cell, Laroo-Pece Division, Can Owira Charles, the Local Council One Chairperson said affected families were forced to seek shelter at neighbour’s homes.

Can Owira told Mega Fm that they were this morning removing fallen trees from roads.

Meanwhile, two occupants of the Noah registration number UAS 072U narrowly survived death after a huge tree fell on the middle part of the vehicle.

Can Owira says the unidentified vehicle occupants had parked besides the road to wait for the storm to pass, when the tree fell on the car.

They fortunately escaped with no injuries.

In Labour line Quarters also in Laroo-Pece Division, several houses were also de-roofed while a vehicle, registration number UAW 827 P was also damaged on the windscreen during the storm.

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