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Health Ministry Inches Closer to Declaring Uganda Ebola Free

Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng

The Ministry of Health is inching closer to declaring Uganda Ebola virus disease free following the most recent outbreak.

The health authorities were on Tuesday (January 10, 2023) expected to declare an end to outbreak of the highly contagious disease. But they have been trading carefully.

On Tuesday morning, Health Ministry Dr Ruth Jane Aceng instead congratulated Ugandans upon what she described as winning the fight against the disease but went short of declaring the country Ebola free.

The World Health Organization says for a country to be declared Ebola-free, it should spend 42 days (two 21-day incubation cycles of the virus) without any new cases reported.

Ministry of Health figures issued as of Nov. 30 show that the country had registered 142 confirmed cases, 56 deaths, and 86 recoveries.

This could be the reason why the country is not in a hurry to announce an end to the latest outbreak.

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