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Health Ministry Declares Uganda Ebola Free

Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng

By Owich James

The Ministry of Health has finally declared Uganda Ebola virus disease free.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by the Health Minister Dr Ruth Jane Aceng in Mubende District, the epicenter of the latest outbreak of Sudan Ebola strain.

Dr. Aceng said the country succeeded in defeating the viral disease by putting in place strict health measures to deal with the outbreak.

Among them, according to Aceng, were the night curfew imposed by the president, surveillance and the recruitment of health workers to handle confirmed cases.

She, however warned Ugandans to be on high alert and report any suspected Ebola cases to the health authorities.

Uganda has registered seven outbreaks of Ebola in the last 22 years. The outbreaks resulted into the death of 332 individuals.

The worse outbreak was recorded in Gulu between 2000 and 2001 where 425 people were infected and 224 succumbed to the viral disease.
The latest outbreak in Mubende district, central Uganda has resulted into the death of 55 people. The case was first confirmed on September 20, 2022. Another 144 have been infected with the disease.

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