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Gulu:Chief Magistrate faults Police on Investigation]


Francis Dawa Matenga, the Gulu Chief Magistrate has attributed the high number of criminal cases being dismissed by the court to failure by police to correctly mark exhibits.

An exhibit is a document, record or other tangible objects formally introduced as evidence in the court.

Chief Magistrate Matenga says that a number of suspects walk away scot-free because police are failing to help the court in doing its work.

The Chief Magistrate said that the court cannot rely on poorly investigated case to pin suspects.

According to the police performance survey reported released in August by the force’s research directorate, Police officers in Omoro and Lira Districts were named the worst in crime investigations.

Police’s Research Director Edward Ochom says that Lira, with a score of 36.7 per cent, scored way below the average during an assessment on crime investigations, monthly returns and complaints from the public against police officers.

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