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Gulu Woman Kills Lover’s 8-Year Old Son, Dumps Body In Latrine

Police carry away the body of unidentified man found near the Jumiya mosque in Gulu city.

By Tolit Ivan-Police in Gulu City have arrested a woman for the alleged murder of her lover’s 8-year old son and dumping his body in a pit latrine in Lacor Centre Cell, Bardege-Layibi division.

Nekolina Adong aged 60 was picked up on Wednesday afternoon from her home.

A preliminary police report shows that the deceased, Daniel Odongpiny was killed by Adong and her 16-year old delinquent son who is currently on the run.

The minor at large is said to have threatened to kill the deceased after he reported to local authorities two weeks ago that the suspect who is suspected to be a member of the notorious criminal gang, had stolen a solar panel.

Benson Oloya, the Local Council One Chairperson Lacor Centre Cell said that nieghbours became suspicious following the young boy’s disappearance from home for the last two weeks.

He said their suscpisions were heightened because of a stench from a dilapidated pit latrine.

Oloya said that upon interrogation, Adong claimed that she had dumped a dead cat in the pit latrine only for them to discover the boy’s body when the latrine was broken down.

He said that police were notified and the body exhumed yesterday and that some of his body parts like the head and arms were missing.

Conrad Byomugabe, the Bardege-Layibi division Police Commander confirmed the report saying they are hunting for Adong’s son.

Reports say that the deceased-Odongpiny was six months ago taken by his father only identified as Odongpiny to live with Adong.

The deceased’s father, Odong was reportedly living elsewhere and would only visit Adong and his son.

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