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Gulu University Gov’t Sponsored Students Demand Increase of Allowances

Government sponsored students at Gulu University are seeking for an increment in their living out allowances citing the high cost of living in the country.

Since March, Ugandans have seen a record rise in the cost of living with prices of food and fuel going through the roof.

This has forced students from Kyambogo, Gulu, and Makerere Universities to demand an increase in the living-out allowance.

At Gulu University, students receive 768,000 Shillings but unlike other public universities, there are no halls of residence on the campus, this means students have no option but seek accommodation using the allowances.

Now the students are claiming the current rate cannot match the current cost of living since it was last revised in 2002.

Anyama Alfred Berliner, the outgoing government students’ representative, says currently a good meal at the university vicinity goes between 4,000 to 6,000shs, while accommodation at a modest hostel is at 100,000shs per month.

There are 874 Government sponsored students at Gulu University who have been receiving their living out allowances in two quarters.

Opiyo Francis, the Gulu University acting dean of students, has acknowledged the plight of the students saying their concern is being addressed.

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