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Gulu University Cleared To Test Covid-19 Samples

Dr Echodu of Gulu University

Gulu University’s Multifunctional Laboratory has been cleared to start testing Covid-19 samples.

Associate professor Davy Okello Owiny, the deputy Vice Chancellor Gulu university said they were accredited by the ministry of health on 25th January 2021 after they applied last year.

Okello said they conducted rigorous tests of at least 100 samples to prove the laboratory’s capacity to handle the samples and their human resource capacity.

Dr. Richard Echodu, the Gulu University Laboratory Director said the Laboratory will be run by a total of 15 qualified staff who underwent COVID -19 testing training.

According to Echodu, the Laboratory can run 1,000 test samples in 24 hours and that access to the Laboratory shall be highly restricted to avoid students and other University staff from getting exposed risks of getting infected.

The 4.5 million dollars’ Laboratory was constructed through funding from the African Development Bank and was commissioned in January 2020 by President Yoweri Museveni.

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