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Gulu Task Force Translates COVID-19 Guidelines into Acholi

Leaders in Gulu have translated the COVID-19 guidelines into vernacular to boost their response plan against the virus.

The translation was done by an eight-member COVID-19 Gulu Task Force subcommittee on Risk, Communication and Community Engagement.

The material is expected to benefit District Task Forces of neighbouring Kitgum, Pader, Amuru, Nwoya, Lamwo, Agago and Omoro.

Gulu District Information Officer, Gloria Aloyo, a member of the committee said they translated two articles about general info on COVID-19 guidelines and the other for Village Health Teams (VHT) involvement and guidelines.

Richard Jomeo, a poet and rights activist who also performed the translation work revealed that most literature by the Ministry of Health and other entities are produced in English which requires them interpreted.

As the spread of global infectious COVID-19 continues to grip the World Health Organization – WHO encourages the translation of information as one of the best practices and behavioral suggestions to reduce the spread of the global pandemic.

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