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Gulu RCC Suspends Creation Of More Boda-boda Stages In City

Office Of The Gulu Boda boda Motorcycle Association

The Laroo-Pece Deputy Resident City Commissioner has suspended the creation of more Boda-boda stages in a bid to reduce congestion and conflicts among the transporters.

According to reports, Boda-boda stages have increased from 157 in 2021 to over 200 in 2022 with 43 new stages created by the leadership of the Gulu City East Motorcycle Association.

Peter Banya, the Deputy resident City Commissioner who doubles as the chairperson the City Division Security Committee said the creation of the stages is the responsibility of the City commercial department and not Boda-boda leadership.

He said the numerous stages being created have caused conflict between riders who are fighting for customers adding that it has also led to extortion by enforcement officers and a rise in accidents.

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