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Gulu Power Outages to Stabilize Next Month

Government has said that the power outage in Gulu will be resolved next month when Aswa dam starts operations.

Gulu district has been experiencing major power outages since 2012 with blackouts recorded daily, which has affected several businesses.

The Aswa Hydroelectric Power Station is a 42 megawatts hydroelectric power plant in Aswa in Gulu district.

The Minister of Energy Simon D’Ujanga says the Aswa Dam is already complete and the line will be ready by November and in December, areas of Gulu, Kitgum, Moyo and other areas in the north will now be getting power locally generated constantly.

D’Ujanga, however, says that districts in Northern Uganda will have their power problems solved completely after 6 months when Aswa Dam, Karuma Dam starts operating and also if the lines from Jinja are worked on.

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