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Gulu PLE Candidates Blame Poor Performance on Reading Culture

Candidates who have registered for the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) in Gulu Municipality have attributed the poor performance in national exams to poor reading culture.

The candidates noted that couples with laziness, the poor reading culture continue to be the main cause of poor performance in urban schools.

Tracy Anena, a P7 candidate at Vanguard Primary School said besides poor reading culture, pupils lack role models whom they can look up to.

Thomas Oyoo, a P7 candidate also at Vanguard Primary School agrees and pointed out failure by parents to provide lunch is greatly affecting concentration of pupils in school.

Anena who dreams to become a medical doctor said candidates also do not work hard to achieve they dreams.

Another candidate, Gladys Akello of Pece Prison Primary noted that pupils are failing to score good grades in national exams because of laziness.

in 2018, PLE exams, Gulu was ranked in the 34th position in the country with 10.2% of its candidates passing in division 1 out of 5365 candidates who sat for the exams.

Early Grade Reading Assessment data from a Research Triangle Institute survey in northern Uganda in 2009 indicated that 82% of P2 pupils could not read a single word in the local language, compared to 51% of P2 pupils in the central region.

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