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Gulu Hospital Lab Technician Arrested For Misusing Genexpert Machine

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital where the baby was born three days ago before she was stolen from her parents' home.

A laboratory technician attached to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital has been arrested for misusing a Genexpert Machine used for Covid-19 testing by testing samples he picks from his private clinic.

Alfred Atube, a senior Lab technician was arrested on Tuesday following an intelligence report that he was telling patients who turned up at the hospital for testing that the hospital was no longer doing the tests but that he could arrange for them to get it done at a cost from a private clinic which turned out to be his.

Denis Odongpiny, the Gulu Resident City Commissioner said the laboratory technician has been targeting business persons and the rich.

While addressing a Taskforce meeting at Taks Centre yesterday, Odong Stephen Latek, the Gulu Resident District Commissioner said the suspect is in detention at Gulu Central Police Station.

James Otim Onegiu, the Senior Administrative Officer Gulu Regional Referral Hospital confirmed.

We were unable to get a comment from Andrew Opiyo, the Aswa River Region Police Community Liaison Officer as he did not answer his phone.

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