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Gulu Hospital COVID-19 Cases Hit 65


Officials at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital say the health facility is currently overstretching its resources as COVID-19 cases rose to 65 by press time today.

Dr Michael Mawanda, a member of the case management team at the hospital, said they currently have five doctors and five nurses attending to the patients.

Mawanda who was speaking during a taskforce meeting on Tuesday at the Gulu Municipal Council yard said they have also run out of personal protective equipment which puts lives of health personnel at risk.

Bishop Janani Luwum, the integrated disease surveillance officer at the hospital noted that the team is currently short on fuel due to the long distances travelled to pick up COVID-19 patients.

Grounded Ambulance Parked At Gulu Regional Referral Hospital

Ministry of health sent 270 million shillings to each of the 14 regional referrals in the country to handle covid-19 for the month of May.

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