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Gulu District Task Force Resettles Street Children


Up to 205 street children in Gulu have been resettled to safeguard them against Coronavirus.

It is estimated that at 600 street kids are scattered in the district.

The children were either orphaned by HIV/AIDS or forced to abandon their homes due to poverty and domestic violence.

The Archbishop of Gulu Diocese Dr John Baptist Odama has dedicated St. Monica Vocational Training Center and Daniel Comboni Vocational Training Institute for sheltering and rehabilitation of the children.

While at the designated centres, the children will undergo spiritual growth; medical tests and treatment for ailments such as malaria, typhoid.

There will also undergo psychosocial counselling and guidance among others.

Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema hailed the intervention saying it is a sigh of relief to the district the children were a threat to peace and security of people and their property.

Martine Ojara Mapenduzi, the District LCV Chairperson also Chairperson Resource Mobilization for the Task Force, development partners including Favor of God Ministries and Dream Center among others operating in Gulu have backed the rehabilitation program.

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