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Gulu City Schools Shine In 2022 UCE Exams


By Tolit Ivan & Oola Christopher

A number of secondary schools in Gulu city have shined in the 2022 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Examinations.

A student of St John Pope Paul II College identified as Rachkara Ivan is among the best performing students in the country. Rachkara scored aggregate eight for eight. 25 other students also scored in first grade, 62 in second grade, 42 third grade and 24 fourth grade.

St Joseph College Layibi registered 65 students in first grade, 52 in second grade and 3 in third grade. Best students who got aggregate 13 include Odongtoo Innocent and Nyeko Calvin.

Out of the 134 candidates who sat for the exams at Gulu Central High School, 12 got first grade, 34 got second grade and 53 got third grade. 32 also got first grade at Sacred Heart Secondary School out of the 135 candidates who sat for the exams, with best student scoring aggregate 13. 72 others got second grade, 27 got third grade and 4 got fourth grade.

Sir Samuel Baker Secondary managed to register a student in first grade for the first time in three years, out of the 149 candidates who sat for the exams. 32 got second grade, 56 got third grade and 60 got fourth grade.

In Omoro district, St Terreza Calcutta Atede Secondary School registered 9 candidates in first grade, 14 in second grade while only one student in third grade.

Lakwana Seed Secondary school registered improvement in their second sitting, registering 2 in first grade out of the 25 candidates who sat for the exams.

Last year, Lamwaka Seed Secondary school got 1 first grade out of 7 candidates who sat for the exams.

At Nile progressive senior secondary, out of 40, five got first grade, 12 got second grade and 17 got third grade.

In Amuru district, Restore Leadership Academy registered 41 candidates in first grade, 83 in second grade, 52 in third grade and 16 in fourth grade. 102 sat for the exams.

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