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Gulu City Councilors Close City Offices Over Unpaid Emoluments

Some of the councilors outside the City Hall

Business at Gulu City Council offices were today brought to a standstill for a better parts of the day after the former councilors stormed the city hall and close it over delayed payment of their emoluments amounting to 347 million shillings.

The over 30 aggrieved councilors stormed the city hall at around 11:30 am and drove out all the staff before closing it.

They later pitched camp at the City headquarters waiting for the Town Clerk to pay them. Most of them are those who failed to get re-elected. Efforts to reach Edward Kiwanuka, the Gulu City Town Clerk were futile since his known mobile number was not going through.

Last week, the two parties agreed to end the impasse and the Town Clerk promised to clear their emoluments by March, 31, 2021.

Former Layibi division councilors are demanding for 5.4 million shillings, Laroo division councilors are demanding for 6.7 million shillings that of Pece division are demanding for 37.4 million shillings, Bardege division 12 million shillings and Gulu municipal councilors are demanding for 285.6 million shillings. They claim they have not been paid their emoluments since March 2020 to date for the several committee sittings and council meetings conducted.

Gulu Municipal Council including its four divisions ceased to exist on July, 1, 2020 following the elevation of the municipal council to a city status.

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