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Gulu Businessman losses 7M in botch South Sudanese car deal


Erick Okello, a local businessman in Gulu town is crying foul after losing over 7 million shillings in a bad car deal.

It all started after a man identified as Job Omony Oywak approached him to buy a double cabin Tata Diesez vehicle bearing a South Sudanese number plate which later turned out to be a stolen car valued at US$ 64,000.

Omony is a board member of an indigenous South Sudanese NGO, Reproductive Health Association of south Sudan.

The car which was stolen in December last year was found parked in a home near Unyama trading center in Gulu district.

Omony was arrested by South Sudanese authorities and handed over to Interpol where he revealed the whereabouts of the car leading to the arrest of Okello.

Reuben Godson Ladur, the Program manager of the South Sudanese NGO, says on Tuesday that Omony drove the stolen car through Magwir, Ngom Oromo in Lamwo district (Uganda) to Gulu district where is he is alleged to have sold it to the businessman.

Ladur says the suspect later changed the number plate of the car from NNGO 61/2 to EE 981A in a bid avoid being detected.

Okello was by press time being questioned by police in Gulu while Omony is being held in South Sudan.

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