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Grenade Explosion Kills Six, Critically Injures Four Others in Adjumani

Land mines discovered in Ower village, Lungulu Sub county. They are some of the Unexploded Ordinances left behind after the Lord's Resistance Army War.

A grenade explosion has claimed the lives of six children and injured 4 others critically in Maaji refugee camp in Adjumani district.

The dead are Joseph Otto 6, James Drago 9, Emmanuel Duku 7, Isaac Amaruma 11, Thomas Edema 10 and Justine Mandre 14.

The injured who are hospitalised at Adjumani hospital are Jonathan Wani 10, James Abao 7, Dominic Andruga 14 and 12-year- old Joyce Bazio.

Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Regional police spokesperson, says the minors picked up the explosive from a bush near the settlement around 2 pm and tried to cut it using a machete triggering it to explode.

She says police observations show that the explosive could have been left behind by the Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA rebels.

Last week, another explosion in Pakele Sub County in Adjumani district killed two people who were hunting for edible rats together with two others.

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