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Gov’t Eases Lockdown, Orders Mandatory Wearing of Facemasks


President Yoweri Museveni on Monday allowed a very limited number of businesses to reopen, as he extended the COVID-19 lockdown for another 14-days.

The businesses so far allowed to open are hardware shops, mechanic workshops and garages, metal and wood workshops, insurance companies, 30 lawyers to handle urgent matters,  restaurants [but only allowed to do takeaways] and warehouses.

Similarly, the president said every person who leaves his/her home must wear a cloth face mask to stop the spread the COVID-19.

However the president said they debated and concluded that it wasn’t yet time to reopen both public and private transport because of the risk it poses.

He also added that it was still very dangerous to reopen schools especially due to congestions in dormitories and day schools where children walk to and from school.

Museveni added that during the next 14-days, all the 35 measures that he announced between March 18-30 will remain in place.

He said these will be reviewed towards the end of the 14 days.

On wearing the face masks, the president said it’s important in order to limit the spread of the virus in case anyone is infected. He added that Uganda now has capacity to make sanitizers, personal protective equipment and  face masks because of companies like Nytil that have joined the effort.

Uganda has currently 97 confirmed covid-19 cases out of the 38,845 samples tested.

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