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Gov’t Asks Foundation Bodies to Accept No Fees Policy


The government has asked all foundation bodies that own primary and secondary schools, to implement a no-fees policy or lose all forms of grants and funding.

Dr. Joyce Kaducu Moriku, the State Minister for Primary Education, said this is one of the decisions taken by the Cabinet on Friday.

She noted that the move is to ensure that Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education are completely free.

The majority of government-aided schools accounting for above 74 percent are owned by non-state actors like communities and faith-based organizations.

According to records from the Ministry, there are 105 government-aided schools in the country that are not currently implementing the policy of free education.

As the government removes all forms of fees in UPE and USE schools, parents have been informed that they are responsible for providing food for their children.

Regarding school uniforms, parents will be responsible for providing them, but schools will not require parents to purchase them from the school.

Regarding boarding fees, if a school wishes to do so, it must first obtain clearance from the ministry.

The fees to be charged for boarding will then be negotiated between parents and schools.

Although the government has passed the resolution, it will be implemented in the 2024/2025 financial year, which is essentially the second term of 2024.

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