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Government To Revoke Licenses Of Trading Hiking Prices of Goods

President Yoweri Museveni has lambasted traders for hiking prices of goods, describing them as “crooks”, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

A kilogram of sugar which used to sell for 3,000 Shillings now goes for 4,000 shilling and a packet of salt of 500 grams went to 2000 shilling from 700 shillings.

The president says he is going to send his intelligence men to identify some of these “crooks” so that their licenses are cancelled.

The Ministry of Health last night confirmed eight more cases of coronavirus disease-COVID-19, bringing the total number of patients in the country to nine.

The President also said he is still monitoring the situation to make an inform decision about use of public transport.

He however asked drivers of public transports not to allow passengers who are sneezing severely from boarding their vehicles as one of the preventive measures.

The President also advised those with severe cough to stay at home and avoid public places.

He strongly emphasized hand washing with soap as one of the preventive measures.

So far, President Museveni has banned gatherings in schools, churches and political functions, among others, besides closing all Ugandan borders.

The cabinet is expected to sit on Wednesday to deliberate on the possibility of asking National Water & Sewerage Corporation to reduce the price of water.

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