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Girls in Uganda Lack Information on Reproductive Health-NTIH

Anyaya Health Center III

Majority of the girls who test positive for pregnancy lack information on reproductive health, and are often surprised whenever the news is broken to them, according to records from Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre.

It indicates that during the FY 2021/2022, of the 642 girls aged 10-24 years that had a pregnancy test, 37% turned out positive of which 98 were aged 12-19 years.

Data further shows that 38% (92) of the positive cases were in-school girls indicating an increase of 119% from the previous FY 2020/2021. More so, 64% of the pregnancies recorded at the Centre were indicated to be unplanned.

Rose Kusemererwa, a Maternal Child and Neonatal Health Officer at the Teenage Centre notes that most of the girls who test positive come when they do not know.

According to Kusemererwa, the report shows that they don’t have any information about the consequences of engaging in unprotected sex.

As Uganda joins the rest of the World to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child, tracking progress on interventions aimed at enabling young people to take on the right decisions as far as their rights are concerned is key.

The theme for this year is , “Our time is now- Our rights our future” reminds us to recognize the power of the girl child and empower them to express themselves and demand their rights.

As of 2021, the country recorded 31,565 pregnancies every month which translates into 1,052 pregnancies are recorded daily, according to the District Health Information System-2 (DHIS-2).

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