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Four Killed In Oyam District, 13 Arrested


Four people including a former UPDF soldier were on Monday killed and three others seriously injured in a violent land dispute in Okomo Parish, Ngai Sub County in Oyam district.

The deceased are Amoja Richard, a 40-year old UPDF soldier, Okeng Cone aged 25, Ojok Vincent 30 and Olek Charles.

The injured include Odongo Nicolas, Okello Bonny and Ojok Denis.

Odongo has been admitted at St Mary’s hospital Lacor while Okello and Ojok have been admitted at Ngai health center IV in Oyam district

Okello Walter, the Gombolola Internal Security Officer Ngai Sub County says the deceased went and attacked a man that was hired by Okello Marino- the head teacher of Akuca wii primary school to plough the school garden.

Okello explained that the deceased have for years been claiming that the school land belongs to them until yesterday when community members turned on them.

Michael Odongo, the Public Relations Officer East Kyoga North confirmed the report adding that 13 suspects have been arrested over the incident and are being held at Oyam central police station.

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