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Fish Farming In Amuru Frustrated By Theft And Poisoning

Fish farming in Amuru district is being frustrated by poisoning and theft of fish from ponds.

According to reports, over 4000 fish were killed as a result of poisoning in Pukure village, Atiak Sub County and over 10 cases of theft in the 42 fish ponds in Amuru district were registered in 2020 alone.

Michael Lakony, the Amuru District Local Council Five Chairpersons said unknown selfish people pour chemicals in the fish ponds to kill the fish while others steal the fish when they have matured.

Lakony also attributed the decline in fish farming on factors like unpredicted weather which sometimes causes flooding in the fish ponds.

Okwonga Bartolomeo, the Amuru district production officer said they are working to address the challenges by forming an association of fish farmers.

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