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Fewer Animals Slaughtered For New Celebrations


Fewer cows were slaughtered from Gulu Main Abattoir in Gulu district for the New Year celebrations as compared to Christmas.

40 were slaughtered on New Year as compared to 45 on Christmas day.

However, 15 goats were slaughtered on New Year as compared to 13 on Christmas day.

13 and eight other cows were slaughtered from Unyama and Lacor trading centers in Gulu district respectively for the New Year celebrations.

In Nwoya district, 29 animals including 18 cows, nine pigs and one goat were slaughtered from Lungulu Sub County, eight cows and three goats were slaughtered at Olwiyo trading center and six including two cows, two goats and two pigs were slaughtered at Alero trading center.

Meanwhile, butchers at Purongo trading center, Purongo Sub County in Nwoya district and Amuru Sub County, Amuru district registered low sales on New Year.

19 livestock including 13 cows, five pigs and a goat were slaughtered at Purongo but by mid-day not even a half was bought, according Okello Tony Gadang, the chairperson Purongo trading center Butcher association.

In Amuru Sub County, 15 cows, eight goats and six pigs were slaughtered by very few kilos were bought.

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