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Experts Voice Concern over Rampant Intake of Food Supplements

Medical experts in Uganda have voiced their concern as patients continue to rely on food supplements to cure different ailments.
This comes as companies such as QYT continue to supply supplements they claim to cure certain diseases even when used without other conventional drugs.
At QYT, located at Mawanda Road in Kampala, patients are subjected to what the administrators call a general body check-up using a metallic rode connected to a computer.
The computer then scans the different body organs through the hand vessels. 
These companies distribute their products through chain marketing.
For instance, at QYT, any person has to buy a membership card at 51,000 shillings and then encourage people to purchase products from his or her card.
Experts are now voicing concern over heavy reliance on supplements saying it is risky.
The experts also argue that there is need for the National Drug Authority (NDA) and Ministry of Health to check if the machine and drugs that these companies use meet required standards.
Uganda National Bureau Standards (UNBS), a body that regulates standards, measurements and product conformity, warns companies that provide food supplements not to give people false confidence

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