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Elephants Block Nwoya Community Scout’s Hut With Tree Branches

It was strange but true after a group of elephants last night crossed from Murchison Falls National Game Park to the home of Kidega Hanington, a well-known wildlife scout in Anaka sub county, Nwoya district and blocked his door using heavy tree branches and trunks.

Wildlife Scouts are those trained to handle problem animals that crossed from the park to the neighboring villages by driving them back using local mechanism.

The incident happened at around 1am when Okot was asleep, according to Opobo Geoffrey, the local council three chairperson of Anaka Sub County.

Opobo however said there was no injury recorded, adding that Okot was rescued by a neighbor who went and remove the tree branches after day-break.

This is the second time elephants are blocking the door of the locals in the area with tree branches within one year after a similar incident in October last year.

Most contemporary ethologists view the elephant as one of the world’s most intelligent animals.

Elephants manifest a wide variety of behaviors, including those associated with grief, learning, mimicry, play, use of tools, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, memory, and communication.

Further, evidence suggests elephants may understand pointing: the ability to nonverbally communicate an object by extending a finger, or equivalent.

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