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Elegu Gets Mobile Laboratory to Accelerate Testing of Truck Drivers


Elegu One-Stop Border Post in Amuru District has been allocated one mobile laboratory to accelerate testing of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) among truck drivers.

The lab is expected to be equipped with modern technology for testing and diagnosing most pathogens in addition to providing safe, accurate and timely results of COVID-19 from the East African bloc.

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health says that the allocation is in response to the recent situation assessment in Elegu that indicated a dire need for better working atmosphere for the health workers conducting the screening of high human traffic at the Uganda – South Sudan border.

Elegu Police Check Point

She says that the government has acquired three mobile labs to be deployed in three border entry points of Malaba, Mpondwe and Elegu with high human traffic.

Amuru District Health Officer, Dr Patrick Odong Olwedo lauded the Ministry’s intervention saying it will complement the ongoing efforts of testing hundreds of cargo truck drivers and border community easier and quicker.

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