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Criminal Gangs Publicly Jubilate Closure Of Lamwo Police Post


A gang of criminals in Padibe West Sub County in Lamwo district has publicly celebrated the abrupt closure of the only police outpost that was serving the area.

The police outpost was closed on Wednesday and its three personnel redeployed at Padibe Town Council police station.

Reports say that the intoxicated youths mainly repeated offenders, marijuana smokers and alcoholics led a procession within the trading center on Thursday holding tree branches and chanting praises over the closure of the police outpost.

Mathew Otto Ateng, the Padibe West Sub County chairperson said the celebrations took place at some of their meeting point like drinking joints near the trading center.

But James Kidega Nabinson, the Lamwo Resident district Commissioner warned of an impending crackdown against the purported wrongdoers and also said the closure of the outpost is temporary since a section of police personnel have been recalled to undergo a refresher training that will take them close to two months.

The Inspector General of Police- Martine Okoth Ochola, issued a directive for the closure of all police out posts with less than three police officers saying they are prone to armed attack.

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