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Chief Justice Katureebe Suspends Court Sessions


The Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe has suspended all court hearings and appearances for 32 days as part of the preventive measures against the Corona Virus.

In his statement issued on Thursday afternoon, Justice Katureebe says the directive takes effect March 20th, 2020 and affects cases at all stages including submissions.

He has in the meantime directed respective courts to advise parties to file written submissions.   He says that during this time, prisoners and the accused persons on remand will not be presented to court and where possible proceedings may be conducted via video link.

Katureebe notes that courts will continue to handle certificates of urgency and taking plea for serious cases and bail applications and only the applicant, their lawyers and sureties will be allowed in court.  In his eight point directive, Katureebe says that during this time, all Judicial Officers and staff will remain on duty but there will not be open court appearances.

The Chief Justice, who is due for retirement in June this year, says the guidelines may be revised from time to time in accordance with National Policy Directives.

Katureebe’s directive comes a day after President; Yoweri Museveni announced a ban on gatherings and ordered the closure of several institutions including bars, schools, churches, mosques and factories as part of the measures to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID 19.


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