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Bishop Gakumba Slams Christians for Being Kind To The Dead than the Living


Rev. Johnson Gakumba, the Bishop of Northern Uganda has criticized Christians in Acholi Sub region for showing compassion to dead while ignoring the living.

He says many people in Acholi tend to ignore and trample on their colleagues while still alive and suffering but show kindness and extend monetary support when they are dead.

He says there is need for Christians to learn to support those in need when they are able to see as opposed to when they are dead.

According to Bishop Gakumba, the love people have shown Ojwang after his demise was surprising adding that “if Ojwang was to be here, he would wonder that people still love me.”

Bishop Gakumba was speaking at the burial of Rt. Rev Benjamin Ojwang, the former Bishop of Kitguim diocese at Kitgum primary school play grounds Wednesday afternoon.

Bishop Ojwang, 67, succumbed to hypertension and diabetes at Mulago National Referral Hospital-Kiruddu on November 11, 2019.

Ojwang, consecrated as the second Bishop of Kitgum diocese in 2002, had a rocky leadership reign in the diocese manifested with accusations and counter-accusations among Christians and clergies opposed to his leadership.

The Bishop was forced to retire in 2014 after years of tension.

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