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B13 Terrorize Bwobo Village in Gulu district


B13, a criminal gang has renewed its attacks on residents of Bungatira Sub County in Gulu district.

The group whose members are aged between 15 to 20 is said to be armed yesterday waylaid five people in Bwobo village, Bungatira Sub-county and robbed phones, money and other belongings from them.

Alex Ojera, the defence Secretary Bwobo village said the group is armed with knives and sticks which they use to cane people at night along Gulu –Kitgum road.

Ojera is now urging police to conduct patrols along Gulu-Kitgum road and within Bungatira Sub County to apprehend the criminals.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesman said officers have been assigned to investigate the report and called for information from the community and local authorities.

Police in July arrested the B13ring leader James Oola together with 7 other members.

B13 is a violent criminal group found in Gulu majorly consisting of street kids who engage in a mugging, simple robbery, aggravated robbery, assault, theft and burglary as a means of survival.

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