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Respiratory Complications Killed Awach LCIII Elect- Postmortem

A postmortem conducted by police surgeon indicates that the Local Council Three Chairperson Elect for Awach Sub County in Gulu District died of respiratory complications.

Fred Oteka died on Monday evening at around 8PM from Awach Health Centre IV, hours after he felt sick. His sudden death raised suspicions that he ate food laced with poison.

According to report, Oteka attended a school management meeting and later went to a pork roasting joint where he was served a plate of pork.

But police report indicates that one of Oteka’s lungs was damaged, resulting into congested chest and difficulties in breathing. Police categorized his death as natural. The case has been registered with police under Gulu DEF 10/2021.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Police Spokesperson in a statement said the Oteka died after he developed difficulties in breathing.

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