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The powerful beats, the instrumentals not the lyrics steal the show in the introduction. ‘Auma Na’ translated as ‘My Auma’ is a dancehall love song performed by Gypsy Mau in December, 2015. Somehow he pronounces his name as ‘Gipsy’ for reasons better known to him.
I think this song has some good musical qualities with an organized musical arrangement. The singer does not possess any distinctive or attractive vocal tone per se, but he manages to balance his vocals without getting drowned out by the powerful instrumentals made by Labert Dickson of Kick start Records.
The lyrics seem quite interesting but a letdown like it is with many other local musicians when it comes to use of impersonal characters, besides being repetitive, it is also so cringe worthy. One positive is that Gypsy tries his hand at rhythm without forcing it.
The beats though sound like a gospel song done countless times before in born again churches. Nonetheless, Gypsy dominates the song without having to do much. Overall it’s quite a tuneful song, explaining its current 3rd position on Mega Northern Top 20. Photo taken off the video.
Review by: Alan Ochen,

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