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Aswa Police Pleads With Women To Sympathize With Men Over Christmas Demands

Ugandan people shop for Christmas in Kampala (Courtesy photo)

Police in Aswa River Region have issued a plea to women to sympathize with their husbands when demanding for Christmas items like clothes and food.

Statistics indicate that 37 cases of Domestic Violence have been registered at Gulu Central police station in the last one week alone as a result of demands for Christmas clothes.

Andrew Opiyo, the Aswa River Region Community Liaison Officer said they are overwhelmed with cases of domestic violence as a result of high demand sby women for clothes, money for parties, music systems and gifts to celebrate Christmas.

He asked women to understand that the economic situation has been tough for the last two years as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Opiyo said women should instead encourage men to save money for schools fees.

Meanwhile, cases of men committing suicide as a result of too much pressure for Christmas clothes and food are on the rise in Aswa River Region.

At least seven men have committed suicide in Aswa river region in the last seven days, according to statistics from police.

The latest incident happened last Friday where one Baker Asimwe aged 47 and a resident of Pajaa village, Layei Parish, Nwoya district committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous chemical.

David Ongom Mudong who was addressing the press at the regional police headquarters this morning said this kind of pressure has left several men depressed especially those who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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