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Anaka Market Vendors Maintain Food Prices Stable

Vendors at Anaka main market in Nwoya district have maintained the prices of essential goods relatively stable in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

A kilo of beans was being sold at 4,200 shilling, tomatoes between 2,000-3,000 shilling a heap and a kilo of onions was at 3,500 shillings.

This is contrary to their counterparts of Gulu who increased the prices of essential goods by almost 100%. A kilogram of yellow beans went to 7,000 shillings from 4,500 shilling and red beans to 5,000 shillings a kilogram from 4,000 shilling.

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday lambasted them for hiking prices of goods, describing them as “crooks”, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

A kilogram of sugar was increased from 3,000 Shillings to 4,000 shilling and a packet of salt of 500 grams went to 2000 shilling from 700 shillings.

The president then ordered local authorities and law enforcement officers to identify some of these “crooks” and cancelled their licenses.

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