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Amuru District Vice Chairperson Sacked

Amuru LCV Chairperson Michael Lakony

In what is being seen as political, the LCV Chairperson Amuru has sacked his Deputy saying he is now a busy man as the 2021 general election heats-up.

Ocan Bosco was last week nominated to contest in the Kilak North Parliamentary elections against the party decision to drop the plan.

Kilak North Parliamentary is occupied by Akol Anthony, an FDC party member while Lakony Michael is the FDC party chairperson Amuru.

Lakony later appointed Apollo Okello Kagwa to replace Ocan as the LCV Vice-Chairperson but the councillors did not approve the appointment.

However, Ocan says that his dropping was because of his stance to contest for the Kilak county Member of Parliament against the party decision.

Lakony also reshuffled the district executive committee replacing Secretary for Education and Health Apollo Okello Kagwa with Alice Akello Ekanya, the Female Councillor for Atiak Sub County.

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