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American National arrested in Kitgum over illegal entry

Police in Kitgum district are holding an American national identified as Charles Okeny Ben for illegally entering the country through Ngomoromo border point.
Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) on Monday said the 31year old was found at Padibe Guest House carrying an American passport No. P-USA 450087305.
Okema says Okeny who work as a lecturer at Juba Christian University and also a consultant with the British Government has dual citizenship.
According to Okema, Okeny who comes from Pajok Payam in South Sudan entered Uganda through Ngomoromo in Lamwo district on boda-boda motorcycle on August 13.
The boda-boda operator, Johnson Olweny who carried him is also being investigated.
Okema says that the suspect claims that he entered Uganda to access internet services but that police are still investigating.
There are reports of many south Sudanese who have fled violence in the country renting homes in Acholi sub region instead of heading to refugee camps.

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