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Alero man, woman fined over adultery]


A 54-year old man in Bwona-gweno sub-village Bwobomanam A village, Alero Sub County in Nwoya district was on Monday fined 50,000 shillings, a goat and a sheep for committing adultery.

Odong Martin Lugol was reportedly found having sex with a married woman only identified as Acaa who was also fined 50,000 shillings.

Odong and Acaa were found having sex in Acaa’s house at around 1:00 am when Acaa’s husband was away.

Omona Charles, the deputy village chief of Bwona-gweno sub-village told Mega FM that Odong had for long been committing adultery without being punished.

However, in 2017, the Constitutional Court scrapped adultery from the Penal Code saying it was unconstitutional because it treated men and women differently.

It pre-supposed that only married men could be aggrieved in case of adultery.

An aggrieved husband was compensated with sh600, which later went up to sh1, 200, but an aggrieved wife got nothing.

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