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Agago Leaders Want Karamojong Warriors treated Like Rebels

Oret hill in Agago district-Courtesy Photo.

Local Leaders in Agago District have asked government to treat Karamojong warrior like rebel groups such as Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and the Lord’s Resistance Army Rebel (LRA) in a bid to stop killing of people and cattle raids by the pastoralists.

This follows the killing of 28 civilians and Uganda People Defence Forces UPDF within a space of 12 months by the warriors.

The latest incident happened on Monday in Lojim village, Omiya-Pachwa Sub County where two UPDF officers were shot dead while rescuing animals raided by the warriors.

Opiyo Leonard Ojok, the Agago District L.CV Chairperson said that the attacks will continue because the Karamojong warriors claim that government failed to prevent the loss of their 54,000 heads of cattle after the first disarmament exercise.

He said the Karamojong intend to continue cattle raid until they recover the 54, 000 animals that they lost.

Captain Amos Nsamba, the UPDF Fifth Division Infantry Headquarter Spokesperson however said that the UPDF cannot implement policies which are not in their operation work plan.

Agago district has for the past 5 years registered numerous attacks by armed Karamojong warriors who have since raided over 1,000 heads of cattle, killed over 10 local formers and security personnel leaving several others with life threatening injuries.

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