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88 Kitgum Villages Still Lack Safe Water Sources


At least eighty eight (88) villages in Kitgum district are without a single borehole, Mega FM has learnt.

The most affected villages are in Omiya Anyima Sub County with 42 villages without a single borehole.

Mucwini Sub County is second with 13 villages lacking boreholes followed by Orom Sub County with 12 villages without boreholes, Labongo Akwang Sub County (7), Kitgum Matidi (5), Labongo Amida and Namukora four (4) each and Lagoro and Labongo Layamo with a single village each.

Willy Picho, the Kitgum District Water Officer, says despite the safe water coverage currently standing at 100 percent, higher than that of the national coverage at 70 percent; several villages in the district are without a single borehole.

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