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75,400 People Living With HIV in Acholi Enrolled on ARV

Anyaya Health Center III

At least 75,463 people living with HIV in Acholi sub region have been enrolled on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), according to a new report.

This translates into 97 percent of all the people living with HIV in the sub region being enrolled on HIV treatment.

77,797 out of the 1.9 million people in Acholi sub region are living with HIV. This translates into 2.4 percent of the population living with the virus.

HIV care and treatment in Uganda is majorly being funded the US government.

Tena Gabrietsadik, the Population, Health and Nutrition Officer at the USAID Mission Uganda Office told health experts during the second Acholi Regional Health Assembly at Bomah Hotel on Thursday that the support to Uganda in its fight against HIV is geared towards achieving the UNAIDS goal.

UNAID plans to eradicate new HIV infections by 2030.
By June 2020, 1.241 million Ugandans living with HIV have been put on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART).

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