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73-Year Old Woman Evicted Over Witchcraft In Dokolo


A 73-year old woman was on Wednesday evicted from Koroto Village, Akolodong parish, Amwama Sub County in Dokolo district over allegations of practicing witchcraft.

Trouble for Bitorina Adong started on Tuesday evening when one of her daughters’ in-law discovered that Adong had many pieces of cloths cut from different underwear hidden under her Pillow plus other suspected charms in her hand bag.

She was reported to the LC1 Chairperson Office of the village who convened a meeting on Wednesday where all her belongings were inspected in the presence of police from Rego-Rego police outpost.

Richard Oryema, the defense secretary, says community members unanimously voted to have Adong evicted from the area.

Adong however denied the accusation.

Our correspondent in the area said that Adong returned to her parents’home in Kwania district.

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