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67,000 Candidates Qualify To Join University After UACE

UNEB Executive Director, Dan Odongo. (Courtesy Photo)

URN-At least 67,815 candidates who sat the 2022 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations-UACE have qualified to join the university this year.

Speaking today at the office of the Prime Minister in Kampala, Dan Odongo, the Uneb Executive Secretary said those who obtained two principal passes, that are needed to join the university are slightly higher in percentage terms but in terms of numbers are slightly lower than those of 2020.

In 2020, 68,013 representing 69.8 percent of the candidates qualified to join the university.

Odongo attributed this to a drop in the candidates who registered for exams in 2022.

According to the results, a total of 97,890 candidates registered for the 2022 UACE from 1,969 centres compared to 98,392 candidates from 1,952 centres in 2020.

However generally, 99.2 percent of the candidates who sat in 2022 qualified for the award of the UACE.

The results also indicate that at the principal pass level, there are improvements in performance in subjects such as; History, Economics, Entrepreneurship Education, Geography and Art.

The results also indicate that Mathematics and Chemistry recorded significant improvements at A pass level while Physics had a drop at A but remained comparable at other levels.

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