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50 People Stranded After Land Eviction In Omoro


Families who were recently evicted from a contested piece of land in Opidi-Lwala village in Ongako Sub County, Omoro district are stranded and in need of assistance.

The effected, numbering about 50 including children, were evicted on December 30th 2019 following a court order and their houses demolished.

The affected include families of Lukai Cem, Kennedy Onen, Patrick Okema, Michael Opiyo, Noah Almin, Alfred Ocen, Uma George, and Florence Acaa.

The woman Councilor V Ongako Sub County, Susan Lakot has since asked both parties to resolve the matter amicably so that children don’t suffer.

Several former displaced persons who were forced to flee their villages and sought refuge in urban centres during the height of the over two decades Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel’s led conflict in northern Uganda are yet to resettle due to violent land conflict.

A recent study by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s (IASC) reported 29 percent of the population across the Acholi Sub-region has had direct experience with land conflict in the past four years, while a study by Phuong and Vinck reported 35 percent of the respondents have experienced a land conflict or quarrel since 2006.

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