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300 PLE Candidates Fail To Report To School in Gulu

At least 330 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) candidates in Gulu City have failed to report to school for their final year.

According to the revised school calendar, primary seven candidates will undergo a briefing on March 26 and write PLE exams on March 30 and 31, 2021,

Phiona Atim, the Gulu City Inspector of Schools says there are 3,306 registered candidates in Gulu city.

As Gulu City officials are still looking for the missing candidates, refugees in candidate classes in Lamwo district have all reported back to school.

The district has 990 refugees in candidate classes in both primary and secondary schools who are going to sit for their final year examinations this year.

Lamwo district has a total of 3,125 registered PLE candidates.

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